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Fil-Global values your satisfaction above anything! If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason at all, inform us within the 14-day period, and get your money back guaranteed!

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Fil-Global offers a completely hassle-free experience and processes your assessed documents so that an embassy appearance is not necessary.

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We are here to help! We are available any time of the day, seven days a week. Contact us at any of our provided numbers and we promise to answer all of your inquiries.

Scholarship Grants

Enjoy exclusive scholarships from our partner schools around the world.

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Fil-Global has established a partnership with over 46 establishments all over the world to offer endless opportunities and choices for those planning to pursue their dreams overseas.

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Get FREE access to the best practice materials and learning resources to prepare yourself for life overseas and overcome any language barriers.

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With over 1,500 members, Fil-Global continues its exponential growth by accepting members from all over the country in all walks of life who aim to study, work, and live abroad.

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We believe that traveling abroad is for everyone, and there’s no age limit when it comes to achieving your dreams. As long as you meet the qualifications, you’re welcome to apply!

About Us

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation is an ISO certified 9001:2015 and a world-class company that started in London, United Kingdom (August 11, 2014), offering immigration, internships and university placement to United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain and many others. The company is composed of talented team of professionals from different sectors of the industry who strengthen the FGISC programme team, in providing people from all walks of life a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to Study, Work, and Live Abroad.

To ensure that Fil-Global Immigration Services Corp. provides high quality legal and immigration service to its clients, we commission services from the most qualified and experienced immigration lawyers, solicitors and barristers, who are duly accredited by the OISC, MARA, RCIC, Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the Bar Council, and top education providers and universities in one's country of choice.


To become a world leader in university placements and immigration services.

To provide opportunities and assistance to professionals, individuals and families to achieve their dream to study, visit and live overseas.

Fil-Global is dedicated on providing a comprehensive suite of administrative programme services specifically designed to help the member (applicant) navigate the complex and legal maze of the Immigration process. Fil-Global is conventionally prepared and conducts thorough research for all the Immigration and other legal requirements to provide the member with the means of accomplishing the objectives while complying with the rigorous and exacting requirements of the immigration process.


Fil-Global’s governed credences and probities emerged from three (3) Important values:

(1) COMPASSION - Love, devotion, and care to our clients and stakeholders. We are consistently practicing and showing compassion to spread harmony in an environment that makes it an ideal Immigration services company and workplace. Compassion as a value, we aim to make a big difference in establishing a healthy company culture. We are inclined to improve the bottom line and ensure a work environment that is filled with employees who constantly care and pleasant collaborators to work with.

(2) INTEGRITY - Providing our best professional services with honesty and dignity. We tend to build higher-quality relationships with our clients, stakeholders, and colleagues with productivity level and as well as a commitment to provide accurate and transparent information. Our Integrity is about more than simply trusting, we extend to a professional way of work. Confidentiality is a prime of our integrity in the workplace and a legal necessity. We undeviating assured that confidentiality instills trust and encourages sincere consideration of the privacy of others.

(3) EXCELLENCE - Bring forth outstanding practices in management and services with achieving results. We perform conventional excellence with ongoing efforts to establish an internal framework of standards and processes intended to engage and motivate employees to fulfill customer requirements within business expectations. Thus, we deliver a constant superior performance that surpasses service expectations without demonstrating significant flaws. We always seek quality through consistent and reliable service of the company.


In 2030, Fil-Global with 1,000 branches will better the lifestyle and move forward sustainable careers of our 100,000 members worldwide.

Fil-Global will represent a large volume of members to achieve optimum professional performance with sound governance principles and be the main sole voice of Immigration consultants in the Immigration services industry.

Fil-Global knowledge of rules and regulations of immigration law constitutes of invaluable asset. The practical and personalized approach, while assessing and retaining the members adds the success rate of the company's vision. Fil-Global provides consultation and representation on all aspects of immigration services. The company's aims and philosophy will enable to give the client, the highest level of services and professionalism.


Be met with endless overseas opportunities with Fil-Global.

Fil-Global offers a wide array of programs, including university and immigration placements, set in different countries all over the world. This is to give you endless options and insurmountable opportunities to achieve your lifelong dreams overseas.

Study / Internship

Certain programs at qualified institutions are designed to allow foreign college students and recent graduates to gain exposure to culture and hands-on experience in their chosen educational and occupation practices. Such countries include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, and the United States.

Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are nonimmigrant visas granted to persons who want to enter a certain country temporarily for business, vacation, or a combination of both. With this visa, the duration of your stay at a certain country is limited. These countries include Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, United States, and certain Asian and European countries.

Skills Migration

If you have skills, qualifications, or experience that a certain country needs to grow, these will be assessed before you are granted a Skills Migration visa. Countries looking to hire people with specific skill sets include Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

Other Services

Dependent Visa, Business Visa, Spousal Visa, Fiancee Visa


Experience a whole other world with our partners.

Fil-Global has partnered with various international schools all over the world to ensure that you experience only the highest quality education as well as become equipped with limitless career options and work opportunities after pursuing and finishing your chosen programs.

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