Global Evolution: Timeline of Fil-Global

Buy Phentermine Overnight Fil-Global Immigration Services Corp. is a company that started out in London (August 11, 2014) and branched out in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to the UK, NZ, SPN, AUS, CAN, US. The company was founded by Managing Director Bertch Ian Ranis, with the aid of the company’s Finance Director, Joseph Basa.

Online Phentermine Prescription It was formerly labeled as Fil-Global Healthcare Marketing because the first mission of the company was to be a helping hand to those healthcare professionals who want to go abroad. But as the company grew, the founding person had become enlightened with the fact that the kind of help they give should be available to everyone, not just to the healthcare professionals. So they changed the company’s name to Fil-Global Limited that was lately changed again to Fil-Global Immigration Services Corp., which is the current name of the company. On July 10, 2017, FGISC was launched. The company was originally founded in London, because the founding person is a product of London School of Commerce. London School of Commerce is the first partner of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corp. as well. After a year or so, the company branched out in the Philippines gaining an office in Cebu in 2015. In the same year, the company moved to an office where a lot of people can reach them better, in One Ecom Mall of Asia, Manila. After two years of serving people in Manila, the company then moved to its recent location which is at 12/F Regus Times Plaza Building, UN Ave., Ermita, Manila. From being a single office operating company, Fil-Global has expanded in the other areas of the Philippines as well. They have five more branches aside from their office in Manila: one physical office in Dumaguete (established October 2016) and in Cagayan de Oro (established April 2017) and three satellite offices: Cebu (established 2015), in Davao (established June 2017) and in Pampanga (established June 2017).

Buy Phentermine No Credit Card Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation has helped a lot of people. Approximately 120 clients have been sent abroad. Might it be student visa, immigrant visa, family visa, fiance visa, working visa and US-J1 internships.

Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech In November 2015, Fil-Global started offering Australia and New Zealand student programs. In March 14, 2016, the company started offering GSM Programs.

Cheap Real Phentermine For Sale The first member of the company was dated back in October 7, 2014. Followed by the first approval that occurred just a few days after earning their first member, October 24, 2014. The first partner, LSC, as mentioned, was landed in 2014. The first ever student visa that got approved was in October 2014; the first working visa that got approved was in November 2014; the first immigrant visa that got approved was in January 2017. Fil-Global, as of July 2017, has 472 members who enjoy and luxuriates in the benefits that the company has given them.

One of the excellent partners that Fil-Global has is JVB Travel and Tours. It has been operating since 2016 and it offers a lot of services like Low Cost Local and International Flights, Travel and Life Insurance Assistance, Hotel Reservations and a lot more. If an individual becomes a member of Fil-Global, one would also enjoy discounted travel tickets from JVB Travel and Tours.

Can I Buy Phentermine In Canada Other outstanding partners of Fil-Global are EduCo Global, UCAM, ICAE, Cornell, Columbia College, Stanford University, University of Sunderland, Arbutus College, Strathfield College, Stanley College, Cargil Migration, Niagara College Canada, Aglia Ruskin University, Grafton College, VESUVIO, ACSENDA, Maynooth University, LSC Malta, NJIT, ICCRC, University of East London, Express Entry Group, North Tec, DCU, LBC, International Business School, EThames Graduate School, Queensford College, VIA, Penn State, Uni Agents, CPIT, Global Student Services and Pearson Test of English. The mentioned companies will be also of aid to those who needed their help through also the advertisement of Fil-Global as well.

Throughout the refinement and enrichment years of the company, they have been awarded as the Best Trusted University Agency of Golden Globe Awards just this 2018 alongside the Best Visa Assistance Services Provider award.

Fil-Global has been attending international events as well. Some events that the company has attended to were European Higher Education Fair (occurred on Oct. 18, 2017) and International Business Academy Denmark where having a Philippine Company on the said events are just as pleasurable as it would seem in the bigger picture.

Can You Buy Phentermine In India Fil-Global consists of talented variety of professionals from distinct sectors of industry who strengthen the company in providing people from all walks of life a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to study, work, and live overseas.

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