Fil-Global holds its first Immigration Expo 2018 in Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Manila

Phentermine Overnight Delivery No Rx In celebration of its 4th year anniversary, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation held its First Fil-Global Immigration Expo at the Roberts Hall, 4th floor of the Times Plaza Building in UN Avenue, Manila last July 10.

Phentermine 7.5 Mg Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation started in London (August, 2014) and branched out to the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US. A world-class company, the agency today offers university, immigration placements and visa travel services.

Through the years, Fil-Global envision itself to become a world leader in placements, immigration and legal services, aiming to be the “most reliable yet affordable placement agency”. It has a talented team of professionals from many different sectors of industry who are building a company that provides people from all walks of life – students, professionals, individuals and families – a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to visit, study, work and live overseas. Fil-Global processes and provides Student Visa services to our clients who are interested to successfully establish a career in Business, Sales, Marketing, and Tourism in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and most popularly in United Kingdom.  It also offers the following products and services:

  • Immigration and Visa Services
  • Student Visa Placement
  • University Enrolment Assistance
  • Business Development and Marketing Services
  • Citizenship And Permanent Residency Visa Services
  • Business Visas for start up entrepreneurs wanting to migrate

The company also helps students and workers/skilled professionals to review and take a test on IELTS. It still continues to check and monitor if they’re client are able to settle properly in the country they intended to go. It helps students and workers to find an accommodation at your budget as well as health insurance. According to its President and Marketing Director Bertch Ian Ranis, they have a tie up travel agency that will surely give you an affordable rate like the JVB Travel and Tours.

Buy Phentermine Online Overnight Shipping Planning to study/work or live abroad then visit their website if you have other concerns and questions at or visit their head office at 12/F Times Plaza Building, UN Avenue, Ermita Manila. Call: +63 905 367 3293

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Fil-Global held its first ever event in the highly urbanized city in the island of Mindanao, Davao City.


Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablets To Buy CEBU

Cebu is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region, comprising Cebu Island and more than 150 smaller surrounding islands and islets.

Our school partner Queensford College in Brisbane Australia. Queensford College’s Courses and programs also open up pathways for students to go on to further studies.


Phentermine Online With Mastercard CAGAYAN

After visiting Cebu branch, Queensford College went next to Cagayan de Oro City.

Sir Santosh Pandey the Director of the said school talked to each and every student who wants to know their pathway to Australia. MANILA

After events in Cebu and Cagayan, Queensford headed directly to our HQ Office in Manila to further inform students about studying in Australia.

In Queensford College you will study your courses with experienced , dynamic teachers who will help you communicate and share ideas.  



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