I'm Jasmin
Assistant Sales Manager

Why did I choose to work with Fil-Global?

I choose to work in Fil-Global to experience other filed not related to my educational Background, also ai like to try new things , challenge my self to a new experienced and improved y self in different environment . I've been her for almost 5 years now , As one of the pioneer here , i really love to work with people , clients who is very grateful to help them achieving their dreams to go other country , their success is my trophy , a achievement for me that money can't buy . Its very fulfilling on my part that make me to stay here for a long time

What is my role with Fil-Global?

If I am a super hero, what would my powers be?



"Hi ! This is Jasmin just call me Jaz for short. I'm the Assistant Sales Manager of Manila Branch . I'am a single mom and have 3 kids .I raise my kids on my own ,I graduated Bachelor of Science In Elementary Education at City of Malabon University ( CMU ).Currently residing at Navotas City

My Big I'AM in Life :
I realized to this that in our lives it’s always mind over matter like you should always look the positive and good words of affirmation to yourself. You have appreciate what you’ve done already and you should ready for more. You should use and know the right words and big I AM for you to keep on going and keep aiming for more in life."