I'm Kayl Ellison
Marketing Executive

Why did I choose to work with Fil-Global?

I choose Fil-global because I believe with Fil-Global he will help me to improve my skill especially with speaking or communicate with other people. with Fil-Global it's helped me to know about the tragedy of how to market sales online. Lastly to improve my confidence to talk with other people.

What is my role with Fil-Global?

My role with Fil-Global is to become a Good example as an employee with good attitude or discipline and to help another employee to love are job and positive vibes to have a positive outcome with our company.

If I am a super hero, what would my powers be?

If I could have any superpower, it would be telekinesis. Instead of going up to a different floor to get the paperwork I need, I could just float it down with my mind. It would also come in handy when I'm trying to find my keys around the house. As you can see, your answer does not have to be that serious. Making a joke is a great way to make a prospective employer like you, and this question is to perfect opportunity to be funny and show that you are able to kick back and not be so serious.

Kayl Ellison EMANO


"Hi! I'm Kayl Ellison. one of the Marketing Executive of Fil-Global. I am here to help you to start your application and make your dreams come true abroad! For better assistance, please send me a message here: https://www.facebook.com/KaylEllisonEmano
Facebook Name: Kayl Ellison Damaso Emano And also our Facebook Page. : https://www.facebook.com/Fil-Global-Immigration-Services-Corporation-Singapore-100221445181660/?ref=page_internal

You can also send inquiries here at 09761227839""