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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance for countries not on the list. We are happy to be of assistance to you.
🇬🇧 - United Kingdom | 🇨🇦 - Canada | 🇦🇺 - Australia | 🇳🇿 - New Zealand | 🇺🇸 - United States of America | 🇳🇴 - Norway | 🇩🇰 - Denmark | 🇮🇹 - Italy | 🇪🇸 - Spain | 🇩🇪 - Germany |
🇲🇹 - Malta | 🇷🇺 - Russia | 🇸🇬 - Singapore | 🇮🇪 - Ireland | 🇦🇹 - Austria | 🇨🇭 - Switzerland |
🇯🇵 - Japan | 🇸🇮 - Slovenia | 🇪🇪 - Estonia | 🇬🇪 - Georgia

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satisfied customers

  • Always make things easier for me
    Neil Martinito,

    I’m thankful for the good service and delightful staff and consultants. They were always there to make things easier and accommodated me anytime. All that’s left is... Neil Martinito

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  • Marvellous on the job
    Stonney Ampo,

    Everything was rough on the long run, but I’m glad to say that Fil-Global did marvellous in doing their job. If it weren’t for Fil-Global, I would... Stonney Ampo

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  • Friendly, Informative, Professional
    Neshiel Jamilla,

    I received great service from Fil-Global when they assisted me to obtain my visa in the UK. Everyone was very informative, professional and friendly throughout the whole... Neshiel Jamilla

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  • Very Helpful
    Michael Lim,

    I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the assistance you extended to me in my application for a visitors’s visa in the UK. I... Michael Lim

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  • Fast and Reliable.
    G. Vilan R.N., Registered Nurse

    Fil-Global really went over the top just to help me with my processing with open lines of communication, even after office hours, and with the time difference... G. Vilan R.N. Registered Nurse

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  • Very Accommodating
    K. Atillo RN, RN, Silliman University

    When I arrived in London United Kingdom, Fil-Global went to the airport to give me a warm welcome and helped me settle down. I am so grateful... K. Atillo RN RN, Silliman University

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  • “My Angel”
    M. Salvador, RN

    When I first spoke to Fil-Global, I knew something good will happen. I call you my angel for making my dream come true. Thank you po sa... M. Salvador RN

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